This festival of lights is carried out in a cozy French city of Lyon. The origins of the festival date back to the middle of the XVII century, when Europe is experiencing an epidemic of plague. Advisors Lyon decided to ask for the intercession of the Virgin Mary. They, in turn, took a vow to celebrate it. So, in September the epidemic ceased before reaching the town. City kept the promise made to the Virgin Mary. In honor of its residents have created a statue of gilded bronze. They had to thank Our Lady before her statue. December 8, the day of the town festival, there was a thunderstorm, but liontsy were so elated mood, which at its end still took to the streets with burning lights. Nowadays, the holiday begins in a few days to 8 December and lasts a couple of days after. During this festival the locals put on a windowsill candles are lit in the streets of thousands of lamps, lights and lamps. For several nights the streets of the city oddly illuminated by different lights - flashing, running and static, colored and neutral. Skillfully directed light only enhances the beauty of the old buildings of Lyon, on the streets held laser show and fireworks sky cut lush. The scope of activities of light is best figures tell. Every year in Lyon ignited almost 8 million small candles arranged 80 light shows, festivals highlight a couple of dozens of newspapers and television stations, and on the days of the festival, the town attracts 4 million tourists.